3M LCD Projection Panel Model 6050

Picture shows the actual 3M LCD Projection Panel Model 6050

3M LCD Projection Panel Model 6050 in Excellent Condition

The 3M LCD Projection Panel being offered is really a nice pice of equipment. It was purchased new by us and never used. I classify it as "used" only because I no longer have the original packing box. Other than that, it is excellent and very clean with no marks, scuffs or scratches or dust. It comes with manual.

We purchased this unit along with a 3M Overhead Projector. We selected this particular overhead projector because it has a High / Low lamp switch - allowing us to use the low for normal presentations and the High when using the LCD projection panel. We never used the projector or the LCD panel.

This projector can have two internal lamps. This is so if you are in the middle of a presentation and the first one burns out, you can switch to the second lamp and keep going. It comes with only one lamp installed (this is how 3M sold this unit) with the other lamp socket empty.

The 3M 9100 overhead projector is easily portable and ready to go once you remove it from the box--there is nothing to be assembled. The post assembly that holds the projection head aloft is hinged against the body of the unit, and a loosening turn of a knob swings it into place.

The body is well designed and made of a sufficiently durable grade and weight of plastic to make this model a good choice for heavy usage. Simple to use, one switch turns the projector on and off, and a separate control panel allows you to change the lamp to high or low intensity. The lamp bulb is easily changed, and the power cord can be neatly wrapped around twin brackets at the bottom front.

The instruction manual (divided into English, French, and Spanish sections) is simple and straightforward. It is primarily useful for its easy troubleshooting should any problems arise, such things as a faulty bulb or projecting onto a screen that is not perpendicular to the projected image. This 3M model is ideal for classrooms, business meetings, and large presentations of any sort.


Close up view of Projector lens

original printed manual included

View with LCD panel

View with LCD panel

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