5U Rack Mount (rackmount) Computer Case

 case front closed
Above: Rackmount computer case shown with front door closed
Below:  Rackmount computer shown with front door opened

Front door opened

This Sale Consists of the Following Item:

History of this Item

This case was used briefly as part of a server system.  The combination of being able to accommodate an ATX motherboard and have eight 5.25 drive bays, in addition to the 3.5 bay made it ideal for a server system with removable RAID devices.  We purchased a number of these cases and recently removed a redundant server from service.  The case is in excellent condition with all of the original brackets, blanks, and screws.  Originally purchased for about $375.00

Features & Specifications

This rackmount computer case was originally purchased a few years ago from AT-Lan-Tec, which still offers this case for sale which you can see by selecting this link:   AT-Lan-Tec
The case is in excellent condition with all of the original parts including drive bay blanks,  case top, board retention bracket, key and hardware.  There is a minor scratch along the side of the case where slide rails mount (slide rails available for additional cost).


This case has some unique features, which is why we selected it in the first place:

The following picture shows a view from the FRONT where you can see the following items:
Front View

The following picture shows a view from the BACK where you can see the following items:
Back view

View from back showing drive section
View from back looking forward showing the left drive bracket

drive bracket
Drive bracket removed from the case.  Note there are four blanks installed where you can install four of the 5.25" drives.  This is the RIGHT section (as viewed from the front).  The Left section also accommodates four 5.25" drives in addition to a single 3.5" drive.

close up of dampening
Close up showing the rubber vibration-isolation mounts.  The drive cage is actually "hanging" from these mounts which provide complete isolation from the rest of the case.

case with removable drives
Shows example usage with five Removable Hard drives, Tape Drive, CD/DVD and Floppy Drive
(Drives are not included and are for illustration purposes only).

Closeup of Lights (Green-Power, Yellow, Red-Hard Disk), Reset and Power switch located behind the Front Door.

leds with door closed
Note lights are visible thru the Front Doors "smoked-glass" section.

front view showing board holder
Picture shows the board hold-down bracket and motherboard power cables

key bag
Bag with Front Door key and screws

side view
Side view shows power cables to the front bays


The specifications on this case are quite impressive:


The buyer of this rackmount unit has the option of also buying two rackmount slide rails.  These rails attach to each side of the rackmount case and allow the case to be more easily side in/out of the rackmount cabinet.  These items, if desired, are available for an additional charge as specified in the Terms and Conditions.  The side rails are used, not new with scratches per normal wear and usage.  They work fine.

Slide picture 1

slide picture 2

Terms & Conditions