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Part: OPL4-WT

Description: Yamaha OPL4 WaveTable midi card

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Yamaha OPL4
Picture of circuit board

This sale consists of the following item:

General Midi circuit board that implements WaveTable and FM music synthesis using the Yamaha OPL4-ML YMF704C-S / YMF704S with YAC516 chipset.

The OPL4-ML (YMF704-S) is a single-chip, FM-enhanced wavetable synthesizer designed for all PC audio platforms from add-in cards to motherboards, and all PC audio applications from games to desktop music.

The chip integrates a "wavetable-sample" ROM and General MIDI processor with a wavetable synthesizer and an FM synthesizer on a single chip. The standard General MIDI interface allows games to directly access wavetable sound.

OPL4-ML is a WaveTable synthesizer tht integrates OPL3 FM synthesis, General Midi Processor, and WaveTable ROM into a one chip, and complies with GM system level 1.


This circuit board measures 1.3" x 2.6" (32mm x 66mm) and has 26 socket header (2 rows of 13, 0.10" spacing). The socket header is the interface to the OPL4 and provides connections for +5v digital power supply, +/-12v analog power supplies, MIDI input, left and right line level audio output, and an active low reset. The MIDI connections is used to send MIDI commands to the OPL4 synthesizer

 1  Dgnd       nc   2
 3  Dgnd     MIDI   4
 5  Dgnd      +5v   6
 7  Dgnd       nc   8
 9  Dgnd      +5v  10
11  Dgnd       nc  12
13  nc        +5v  14
15  Agnd       nc  16
17  Agnd     +12v  18
19  Agnd   AudioL  20
21  Agnd     -12v  22
23  Agnd   AudioR  24
25  Agnd   /Reset  26

The circuit board has the YMF704 Yamaha OPL4 chip (100 pin SQFP) along wih the YAC516 Digital-To-Analog converter. The YAC516-E is a delta sigma modulation D/A covnerter with 8-times over-sampling filter in a 24-pin SOP package. The YAC516 takes the 16 bit 2's complement digital data (both Left and Right data) and converts the digital data to analog audio at 44.1Khz sampling frequency.

History of this Item

We are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
We are the original purchasers of this item.
This item is currently stored in our air conditioned humidity controlled facility.


Part Number
YMF704 / YAC516
OPL4 Synthesizer board
Device package
Printed circuit board asembly
New (not pulls) never used
In original anti-static packaging
WaveTable synthesis, MIDI interface

What we are selling is the circuit board assembly that contains the Yamaha OPL4 chipset (YMF704 and YAC516). This circuit board is ready to use by supplying the +5, +/-12v power supplies. Then you send MIDI commands to it and it supplies analog audio as an output.

For reference, here are datasheets for the two main devices:

Select this link for the YMF704 Data Sheet

Select this link for the YAC516 Data Sheet