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BaseBoard ® RL-520 Adapter

RL-520 Adapter for LabMaster Mixer

Scientific Solutions RL-520 Adapter

RL-520 Adapter & cable

RL-520 Adapter shown with 50 position ribbon cable (Adapter & Cable included in kit

The RL-520 Adapter is used to interface the BaseBoard equipped with an Opto-Isolation INPUT module to a Rice Lake Indicator model RL-520. The combination of the Opto-Isol INPUT module and the RL-520 Adapter is used to protect the BaseBoard's Digital I/O circuits from being damaged. Typically, this combination is used for Erie Strayer Cement Mixing products.

The RL-520 Adapter is a small interface that contains a circuit board and two connectors. The Adapter comes with a 50 position cable.

The features of the adapter are: