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Products for use with Photon Technology International (PTI)

Photon Technology International (PTI) has been using Scientific Solutions products since the early 1980s has established a large customer base world-wide. PTI offers a number of systems based upon versions of Scientific Solutions popular and well-established LabMaster products including the LabMaster DMA / ISA and the LabMaster PRO PCI family. Scientific Solutions is pleased to repair these products and to provide replacements or upgrades.

For users of the PTI Felix software package, Scientific Solutions offers both an ISA and PCI solution. Users of Felix with the LabMaster ISA card can migrate now migrate to newer PCI based computers using the LabMaster DPCI card and DeskTop unit specifically designed for Felix. You get to keep your existing software, but run it on a newer more modern computer.

LabMaster for Felix (Windows 3.1, 95, 98) - ISA Based Computers

The LabMaster DMA / ISA has been used with the PTI system for years. The LabMaster DMA PC Interface installs inside the computer and connects to a desktop PTI unit. Several flat ribbon cables are used to make this connection. Inside the PTI unit is the LabMaster External A/D board along with a special connection board. The various ribbon cables attach to the External A/D and the connection board. On the front of the PTI unit are BNC connectors.

Scientific Solutions services the PTI units, and can provide replacement parts and new units.

LabMaster for Felix (Windows 3.1, 95, 98) - PCI Based Computers

The LabMaster DPCI is a PCI version of the LabMaster DMA. You can use the LabMaster DPCI to replace your ISA installation for use with the same PTI software that you currently use with the LabMaster DMA product. Note that using the LabMaster DPCI requires that your computer system allows you to select a particular interrupt (in this case Interrupt 5) for the PCI slot containing the LabMaster DPCI. Most computer systems allow this, but if you have questions contact Scientific Solutions for help.

Along with the newer small PCI card, Scientific Solutions also provides a new DeskTop unit, that conveniently connects to the PCI card with a single quick-connect round cable replacing the several ribbon cables of the ISA design. On the front of the DeskTop unit are the familiar standard BNC connections that you are use to with your current BNC unit. This new unit has a sleek modern look on the outside, and modern reliable high-tech circuits on the inside.

The Felix software is generally configured to use Interrupt 5 in your computer. If you want to continue to use this interrupt, th

LabMaster PRO with DeskTop BNC

Photon Technologies International also uses the Scientific Solutions LabMaster PRO with DeskTop BNC unit. This product installs in a PCI computer, but is not the same as the LabMaster DPCI previously mentioned. The LabMaster DPCI will run the PTI software originally written for the LabMaster DMA / ISA (Felix), whereas the LabMaster PRO will not. The LabMaster PRO is the basis for some newer PTI solutions.

LabMaster Products for Photon Technologies International (PTI)

LabMaster for Photon's PTI Felix Software on PCI computers
Image LabMaster DPCI card for Felix
LabMaster DPCI DeskTop for Felix
Part Number 811112
Title LabMaster DPCI Solution for Photon's PTI Felix Software
Overview The Scientific Solutions LabMaster DPCI for PTI Felix was designed especially for customers of Photon's PTI Felix software who are currently running using the LabMaster DMA / ISA card but desire to run the software on a newer computer that has PCI slots. We created a small PCI card that installs in your modern PCI computer. The card then connects using a single quick-connect round (no more fighting with flat ribbon cables) to a DeskTop unit that contains the same BNC connections that you currently use. Install the card, install your Felix software, connect to the DeskTop unit and connect your equipment to the BNC connections and you are off and running!
  • Complete hardware set for running PTI's Felix software on PCI based computers
  • Small LabMaster DPCI interface card for installtion into a PCI slot of your computer
    • 2" high x 4" long (50mm x 100mm)
  • Scientific Solutions custom designed DeskTop unit with standard BNC connections for the Felix software
    • 11" wide x 7" deep x 4" high (280mm x 180mm x 100mm)
    • Standard Signals: Chopper, X-cor, Counter, Analog-In, TTL-In, TTL-Out
  • Single Round Cable from PCI card to the DeskTop unit
    • 6ft (152mm), longer lengths available
    • Replaces the ribbon cable connections
  • Configured and ready to use with Photon Technology International (PTI) Felix software
    • Felix Software is not included with this product, you need to use your own copy
    • A computer that allows you to assign IRQ-5 to the PCI slot that contains the LabMaster DPCI card will allow you to run the software with the standard interrupt configuration
    • Designed specifically for users to upgrade from ISA to PCI computers
Product Includes LabMaster DPCI card, Photon PTI DeskTop unit, 6ft (152mm) cable, Power supply for DeskTop unit
Manual Not Available
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Product Specifications Full Description and Specifications
Software Win32 Device Drivers with Route488 function library
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Product Overview
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LabMaster DMA Card

LabMaster PTI DeskTop Unit
LabMaster DMA / ISA for PTI Felix Software on ISA Computers

The LabMaster DMA / ISA for PTI Felix is a product that consists of an ISA card that is installed in the computer and a DeskTop unit configured for PTI.  The ISA card and the DeskTop unit are connected using three quick-connect round cables, replacing the ribbon cable arrangement that has been used in the past.  This product is the hardware including the card for inside the computer, the external DeskTop unit, along with the associated cables.
    Product Includes:
  • LabMaster DMA / ISA card for installation in an ISA slot of your computer
  • PTI DeskTop Unit with BNC signal connections
  • Three quick connect round cables from ISA card to the DeskTop unit
    • 68pin round cable
    • 25pin round cable
    • 3.5mm stereo cable

    Features Include:

  • Complete hardware set for running PTI's Felix software on ISA based computers
  • LabMaster DMA ISA Interface card for inside the PC
    • Includes additional I/O card that replaces ribbon cables with quick-connect round cables
  • Scientific Solutions External PTI DeskTop Unit
    • Unit has the same BNC connections as on the original PTI unit
    • Chopper, X-COR, Counter, Analog In, TTL In and TTL
  • Configured and ready to use with Photon Technology International (PTI) Felix Software
    • Felix Software is not included with this product
  • Easy connection cables from PC Interface to DeskTop unit
    • Replaces mutiple flat ribbon cables between the PC and the DeskTop unit with easy quick-connect round cables
    • No longer have to feed ribbon cables thru the computer bracket
Full Description and Specifications

LabMaster PRO
LabMaster PRO

    Product Includes:

  • LabMaster PRO PCI card with 68 pin connector
  • Includes 6 foot, 68 pin cable
  • Includes Win-32 devices drivers and LabPac32 library

  • This 68 pin version is used by PTI for some newer products.

    Features Include:

  • A/D, D/A, Digital I/O, Counter/Timer
  • 32bit PCI BusMaster (132MBytes/sec)
  • 16 to 256 Analog Inputs, 16bit resolution, 333Khz rate
  • Programmable gain 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 supports Analog inputs from +/- 3uV to +/- 10 Volts
  • Dual 16bit 500Khz Analog Output (expandable)
  • 16bit Digital I/O (expandable)
  • Five 16bit Counter/Timers
  • On-board sample FIFO Memory
  • Auto-sequence Channel Array table
Full Description and Specifications

LabMaster PRO DeskTop BNC
DeskTop BNC PRO with 68pin connector
  • Provides Convenient BNC connections
  • Small footprint DeskTop Unit
    • 11" W x 4" H  x 7" D (280mm x 102mm x 178mm)
  • Connections for 64 Analog Input Signals
Full Description and Specifications