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LabMaster PRO PCI Card

Scientific Solutions LabMaster PRO PCI Data Acquisition Card

The Scientific Solutions LabMaster PRO EP is designed for working ElectroPhysiologists. It includes advanced computer data acquisition hardware and powerful windows graphical software.

The computer hardware is based upon the Scientific Solutions powerful LabMaster PRO. This product consists of a low-noise, high-speed data acquisition card that is installed in the computer and a convenient BNC signal unit. With sample rates of ½ MegaSample / second, true 16-bit resolution, on-board memory, and PCI BusMaster technology; the LabMaster PRO EP hardware is designed for continuous and reliable data acquisition in the multi-tasking windows environment.

The ElectroPhysiology Software Suite (The EP suite), developed for whole-cell recording and data analysis, provides the tools for designing and running voltage-clamp and current clamp experiments with the LabMaster PRO hardware. Efficient data-collection; run-time clamp monitoring; and a host of analysis, filtering and data-editing tools round out this powerful, yet easy-to-use windows-based graphical software.


What you Get

  1. LabMaster PRO card configured specifically for the EP suite. You install this card into a PCI slot of your computer. The LabMaster comes with a cable for conection to the BNC Signal Unit.
  2. The BNC Signal Unit that contains the same laboratory grade BNC connections for all the Analog Inputs / Outputs, Timer, and Digital I/O signals you need!
  3. The EP Software Suite Disc
LabMaster PRO PCI Card DeskTop BNC
LabMaster PRO card with BNC Signal Unit

What You Need

  1. Computer with Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista-32
    • We can also supply a pre-loaded computer with operating system, LabMaster EP hardware and software
  2. Patch-Clamp amplifier such as from Dagan, Axon or someone else..
  3. Cables to connnect the Patch Clamp amplifier to the LabMaster Signal Unit
    • BNC Cables to connect to the Signal Unit
    • We can also supply cables per your requirements

What You Do

  1. Install the EP software in your computer, then install the LabMaster PRO card and connect it to the LabMaster Signal Unit
  2. Connect your Patch-Clamp Amplifier to the LabMaster Signal Unit
  3. Run the EP-Software, configure and calibrate your setup and acquire your data!

LabMaster EP Solutions

LabMaster EP with DeskTop BNC
Image DeskTop BNC LabMaster PRO
Part Number 815315
Title LabMaster EP with DeskTop BNC
Overview This part number is for the LabMaster EP product with the DeskTop BNC unit
  • LabMaster EP solution for ElectroPhysiologists
  • Hardware:
    • DeskTop BNC Unit
      • Convient small DeskTop unit
      • 11" wide x 4" tall x 7" deep (280mm x 102mm x 178mm)
    • LabMaster PRO PCI card
  • Software:
    • LabMaster EP Software Suite
Product Includes Hardware: LabMaster PRO and DeskTop BNC, Software: LabMaster EP Suite
Manual Not Available
Datasheet LabMaster EP Datasheet
Product Specifications LabMaster EP Software Description
Software included with product
FAQ None
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