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Cable, DB25M-DB25F, 6 ft. (1.8m)

DB25M-DB25F Cable

Scientific Solutions DB25M/DB25F Cable

The Scientific Solutions DB25F to DB25M cable is made to connect between Scientific Solutions products that utilize a DB25 socket connector on one piece of equipment and a DB25 pin connector on the other. The cable uses standard "DB25" type connections which are polarized so that the cable can only be connected in the correct orientation. The cable has thumb screws that can be used to securely make the connection.

The Scientific Solutions DB25M to DB25F Cable provides the following features:

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Cable, DB25M to DB25F Specifications
Length 6 foot (1.8 meter)
Connection DB25M to DB25F
Polarized Connection yes
Thumb Screws yes
Shielding Foil shielding and drain wire