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LabMaster ® SM64 Analog Input

LabMaster SM64

Scientific Solutions LabMaster SM64 Analog Input DeskTop Unit

The LabMaster SM64 DeskTop unit is used by SandMan and other applications to provide from 16 up to 64 Analog Input channels. On the front of the unit are four DB25 connectors, each connector providing 16 Analog Inputs. On the back of the unit is a high density connector to cable to the LabMaster AD/ADEX (ISA cards) or LabMaster PRO (PCI card) that is installed in your computer. Internal to the unit are low-noise analog multiplexor circuits that provide analog signal expansion in addition to +/- 35volt input signal protection and low 100 pico-amp input bias current.

This product is useful for anyone who wants convenient DB25 style connections for Analog Input signals for their LabMaster AD, LabMaster ADEX or LabMaster PRO data acquisition system. For sleep diagnostic centers, a typical use is to connect the output from your amplifiers to the DB25 input connections on the front of the LabMaster SM64.

For example, if you have a sleep lab using Grass Amplifiers and two beds you could have a cable with a DB37 connection on one end and two DB25 connections on the other end (cable would be a 'Y'configuration). The cable end with the DB37 would connect to the Grass Amplifier outputs and the cable end with the two DB25 would connect to the Analog Inputs on the front of the LabMaster SM64 unit. This example allows the LabMaster card in the computer to monitor two beds simultaneously. With this approach, a single LabMaster SM64 can be used for a 4 bed installation.

The LabMaster SM64 provides the following features:

arrow Technical Specifications

LabMaster SM64 Characteristics
Input Range (max) ±10V
Channel Count 16 to 64
Input Bias Current 100pAmps
Input Source Current < 10Kohms
Input Protection ±35 volts
LabMaster SM64 (back view)

Scientific Solutions LabMaster SM64 back view