Scientific Solutions ® Inc.

LabPac ® ElectroPhysiology Suite

Scientific Solutions offers the LabPac ElectroPhysiology Software Suite (The EP Suite). Developed for whole-cell recording and data analysis using the LabMaster data acquisition system, the LabPac EP Suite is an easy-to-use powerful graphical-based collection of programs and utilities designed for working ElectroPhysiologists.

The EP Suite provides the tools for designing and running voltage-clamp (and current-clamp) experiments, interactive communication with the Scientific Solutions LabMaster data acquisition hardware, efficient data-collection, run-time clamp monitoring and many analysis and data-editing tools.

The EP Suite Includes the following applications:

The EP Suite is designed from the ground-up to be a true multi-tasking 32-bit windows graphical program and takes full advantage of user friendly “point-and-click” and “drag-and-drop” facilities for designing voltage and current clamp protocols and for selecting data for analysis. A printed manual is not included, as the software provides on line context-sensitive help and most would agree that the software is intuitive and easy to use.

Software Requirements for the LabPac EP Software Suite:

Henry - The primary, clamp control and data acquisition and analysis application

N-Pro - An application for improving signal-to-noise ratios in data sets collected within the suite and with a wide variety of third-party software.

Vicar - Virtual Chart Recorder allows you to monitor the input from a number of DC channels over long periods of time, without having to use a standard, paper-based device.

Pandora! - A collection of analysis tools and utilities for the analysis of single-channel (patch-clamp) data, as well as a variety of I:V modeling tools and conversion of 'third-party' data files into Henry's native format.

Please note that “Pandora!” is a developmental version as the software is not yet complete; it is ongoing, and many of the features are not fully functional. However, it is included in its present form as it is still helpful in many instances.