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Flat Ribbon Cable, 50 conductor

Cable, Ribbon 50 conductor

Scientific Solutions 50 conductor Flat Ribbon Cable

The Scientific Solutions 50 conductor Flat Ribbon Cable is made to connect two pieces of equipment that each use a 50 position PIN header connector. The cable is terminated on each end by a 50 position SOCKET header connector. The cable normally is gray in color with a red stripe to indicate the position of the pin #1 conductor.

The 50 conductor cable comes in a standard length of 6 foot, and can be ordered in other lengths to accommodate special applications.

The Scientific Solutions 50 Conductor Ribbon Cable provides the following features:

arrow Technical Specifications

Flat Ribbon 50pin Cable
Length 6 ft. (1.8 meter)
Connection 50 pin Socket Header On Each End
Polarized Connection No
Retaining Latches No
Shielding None