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LabMaster ® DeskTop BNC

LabMaster DeskTop BNC

LabMaster DeskTop BNC

Scientific Solutions DeskTop BNC provides convenient industry standard BNC connections for the LabMaster signals in a small compact desktop unit measuring only 11" wide by 4" high by 7" deep (280mm x 102mm x 178mm).

The unit directly provides support for 64 Analog input channels!

Additionally, the DeskTop BNC unit can be expanded to provide more Analog Outputs, Digital I/O signals and even more Analog Inputs - up to 256 inputs for the LabMaster PRO! The small size makes it ideal for the laboratory bench top, while its generous expansion capabilities means never running out signal capability again!

BNC connections are ideal for many applications. They are widely used and standard patch cables are easily obtained. They are rugged, yet easy to use and stay connected with the "twist-on" locking feature of the connector.

Front of the DeskTop BNC unit has the following BNC connections:

Back of the Desktop BNC unit has the following DB25F connections:

Several versions of the LabMaster DeskTop BNC unit are available to accommodate for differences and to take advantage of unique features of our various LabMaster products. Here is a quick summary of the differences in the DeskTop BNC offerings:

LabMaster PRO:

All features of the LabMaster PRO are supported including Analog Inputs up to 256, Digital I/O expansion, and Analog Output expansion. A single quick-connect round cable is used between the LabMaster PRO and the DeskTop BNC.  There are two versions of the DeskTop BNC for the LabMaster PRO.

  1. 60 pin connector version
  2. 68 pin connector version

When ordering your DeskTop BNC unit, be sure to select the one that has the same type of connection as your LabMaster PRO.

LabMaster AD or LabMaster ADEX:

The LabMaster AD and ADEX can have up to a maximum of 64 Analog Input Channels. The Digital I/O expansion and the Analog Output expansion are fully supported. A single quick-connect round cable is used between the LabMaster AD or ADEX and the DeskTop BNC.  The LabMaster AD and ADEX always use the 60 pin version of the unit.

LabMaster DeskTop BNC - Back View

LabMaster DeskTop BNC, Back View