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LabMaster EP Software Suite

Scientific Solutions offers the Henry ElectroPhysiology Software Suite (The EP Suite). Developed for whole-cell recording and data analysis using the LabMaster, the EP Suite is an easy-to-use powerful graphical-based collection of programs and utilities designed for working ElectroPhysiologists.

The EP Suite provides the tools for designing and running voltage-clamp (and current-clamp) experiments, interactive communication with the Scientific Solutions LabMaster data acquisition hardware, efficient data-collection, run-time clamp monitoring and many analysis and data-editing tools.

The EP Suite Includes the following applications:

The EP Suite is designed from the ground-up to be a true multi-tasking 32-bit windows graphical program and takes full advantage of user friendly “point-and-click” and “drag-and-drop” facilities for designing voltage and current clamp protocols and for selecting data for analysis. A printed manual is not included, as the software provides on line context-sensitive help and most would agree that the software is intuitive and easy to use.

Software Requirements for the LabMaster PRO EP Software Suite:

Please note:
The EP Software Suite is the result of many hours of work by highly talented researchers at the University of Glasgow. This project is ongoing, and like any advanced software product it is in constant flux - with things to do, changes to be made and new features to be incorporated. The applications and other modules comprising the EP Suite are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, subject to the constraints implied by the scientifically technical nature of the experimental conditions and electronic hardware in use.

The EP Suite is not yet released as commercial software. It is still being developed, and at this point is therefore provided at No Charge to our customers. This does not imply that it is a “light-weight” or “limited product.” On the contrary, it is a very complete and powerful set of tools and better than many high-priced commercial products currently in the market. At some point the software may be released as a commercial product for purchase. At this time we believe providing the software “free-of-charge” will allow users be able to cost effectively upgrade their systems and encourage more wide-spread use of the software which will help to make a better product. We encourage comments, suggestions and reports of problems. Your feedback will aid in the quick resolution of problems and help the ongoing development of the software suite.

Henry - The primary, clamp control and data acquisition and analysis application

N-Pro - An application for improving signal-to-noise ratios in data sets collected within the suite and with a wide variety of third-party software.

Vicar - Virtual Chart Recorder allows you to monitor the input from a number of DC channels over long periods of time, without having to use a standard, paper-based device.

Pandora! - A collection of analysis tools and utilities for the analysis of single-channel (patch-clamp) data, as well as a variety of I:V modeling tools and conversion of 'third-party' data files into Henry's native format.

Please note that “Pandora!” is a developmental version as the software is not yet complete; it is ongoing, and many of the features are not fully functional. However, it is included in its present form as it is still helpful in many instances.