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LabPac 5ml Blunt Tip Syringe

Picture shows the LabPac Syringe


Common Use

The Chemical Verification is used to verify that the OmegaMeter is working correctly.

Normally, the OmegaMeter measures contamination from a circuit board. But how do you know if the measurement is correct? The Chemical Verification test is used to verify that the machine is actually working correctly.

Instead of using a circuit board and measuring the contamination, the Chemical Verification test uses a known quantity of contamination. The source of the contamination is the "#3 Standardizing Solution" and the known quantity is 5ml.

The LabPac 5ml blunt tip syringe allows for easy measurement and effective dispensing of precisely 5ml of of the LabPac #3 Standardizing Solution.

LabPac ® 5ml Blunt Tip Syringe
Capacity 5mL
Graduation Markings 5mL at 0.2mL intervals
Tip 18 Gauge, 1-1/2" Blunt
Accuracy +/- 0.1mL