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Quad SMT Pick Place Servo Amplifiers for QSX-1, ASP-1H, QSP, QSV

X, Y Servo Amplifier X, Y Servo Amplifier X, Y Servo Amplifier X, Y Servo Amplifier X, Y Servo Amplifier

History of these Items

We purchased these items to use with our Quad QSX-1 Plus, Pick-and-Place machine. The servo amps are a high cost replacement item, and so we obtained these as spare replacements. We purchased a couple of spare sets and find we have more than we can use.


Performance Controls made servo amplifiers for many different customers - Quad being one of them. We do not know the original equipment that this servo rack was created for. The circuit boards used in this servo amplifier are the same circuit boards used in the Quad QSX-1 Pick-and-Place machine (now called ASP-1H). These may also be used in other Quad machines, or machines from other companies. We believe they are also used for the Quad QSP and QSV series. It seems that the same servo amplifier can be used by many different machines. The servo amplifiers have a serial port that allows access to the on-board memory that holds the servo tuning parameters.

To use these servo amps in your Quad, you may have to use some parts from your original amplifiers (metal brackets) so they fit properly in your machine. The following information discusses this.

Servo Rack

The three modules (two servo amplifiers and the power supply) fit into a servo amplifier rack. This rack has a backplane circuit board that the modules plug into. On the top of the rack is a screw terminal board. On the bottom of the rack is a fan and another screw terminal board. We actually do not use the rack, but use the modules instead. However, you may find that the rack is useful for your installation.

X, Y Servo Amplifier X, Y Servo Amplifier

X and Y Axis Servo Amplifiers

The Quad QSX-1 uses two of these servo amplifiers, one for X axis and the other for the Y axis, each having their own unique tuning parameters.

The replacement amplifiers have a front aluminum plate that look the same, but are 2.78" (70.61mm) wide. Our Quad QSX-1 uses a more narrow plate that is 2.39" (60.71mm) wide. Some Quad machines may actually use the wider plate. If you have a QSX-1 that uses the smaller plate, you can either cut down the plate on the replacement amplifier, or move the plate from your original amplifier to the replacement amplifier.

This servo amplifier has a much beefier heat sink than some of the original ones used in the Quad machines. In the next picture you can see the thickness of the heatsink which is seen at the top of the picture mounted to the back of the circuit board. If you Quad uses the wider mounting plate (as previously discussed) then you can use the bigger heat sink. If your Quad uses the more narrow front plate, then you cannot use the bigger heat sink. So if you need the smaller plate, you also need the thinner heat sink. Again, just take the heat sink from your original amplifier and use it on the replacement.

When we swapped our X and Y servo amps with the replacements, we utilized some electrical parts from our Quad servo amp to be sure we had an exact replacement. We did this because we wanted to be up and running quickly and not have to play with tuning parameters, etc. We believe our modifications may be necessary to truely make them plug-and-play with Quad.

Quad Part numbers and pricing
  1. X Servo Amplifier
    • Quad Part Number 10-25952 or 6-1567031-5
    • Quad List Price: $4569.50
  2. Y Servo Amplifier
    • Quad Part Number 10-25953 or 6-1567031-7
    • Quad Price $4569.50

X, Y Servo Amplifier
Servo Amplifier Front view showing the aluminum plate.

X Y Amp Circuit Board
Servo Amplifier showing circuit board.

xyamp comparison
Left Side - Replacement Servo Amp.............................Right Side - Original Quad Servo Amp.

Z and T Axis Servo Amplifiers

This servo amplifier has a front aluminum plate that is 1.58" (40.13mm) and is mounted in the middle of the servo rack as shown in the first picture. Our QSX-1 machine has four of these types of servo amplifiers - Z1, T1, Z2, and T2 axis.

The front aluminum plate on this amp is the same as what we have on the QSX-1. The servo amplifier being sold has a large metal heat sink for the power amplifiers. Some Quad amplifiers have this and some do not. The inclusion of the heat sink is highly desirable as it helps to prevent over-heating of the power amplifier circuits so the circuits will naturally run cooler. We show a picture of the board without the heat sink so you can see that circuits.

Quad Part numbers and pricing
  1. Z Servo Amplifier
    • Quad Part Number 10-22342 or 4-1567023-6
    • Quad List Price: $2771.34
  2. T Servo Amplifier
    • Quad Part Number 10-22343 or 4-1567023-8
    • Quad List Price $2771.34

Servo amp showing the beefy heat sink for the power amplifiers

ZT Amp Compare
Left Side - Servo Amp being sold....Right Side - Original Quad Z or T axis Servo Amp. (heatsink removed for viewing)

X and Y Servo Amplifier Power Supply

This servo amplifier power supply has a front aluminum plate that is 1.98" (50.29mm) and is mounted on the right side in the servo rack as shown in the first picture. Our QSX-1 machine has one of these types of power supplies and is called the XY Power Supply as it is for the X-axis and the Y-axis servo amplifiers.

Our QSX-1 has a front aluminum plate that looks the same, but is 3.59" wide (91.19 mm) instead of the 1.98" (50.26mm) that is on the power supply we are selling. If your QSX-1 uses the larger plate, you can either replace the plate, or try mounting with the narrow plate. Some Quad machines, and machines from other companies, use the narrow plate which means no modification to the plate would be necessary. In most cases the width of the mounting plate is determined by the size of the servo rack. The only reason the QSX-1 has such a wide plate is to fill-up the space in the servo rack. You could always mount the power supply with the narrow plate and just put in a blank plate as a filler.

This power supply is using the same circuit board as in our QSX-1, but the one we are selling seems to have much more populated parts on the board and a good size heat sink. Actually looks like it has more options than the one provided by Quad for the QSX-1. If you did not like the extra parts, you could always remove them and make the card exactly like the one supplied by Quad. It may be that different machines from Quad (or other manufacturers) use these additional parts. In any case, you are getting more for the money!

Quad Part numbers and pricing for comparison
  1. XY Power Supply
    • Quad Part Number 6-1567-133-2
    • Quad List Price: $1367.55

Servo Amplifier Power Supply

Power Supply Compare
Left Side - Power Supply being sold.......Right Side - Original Quad Power Supply

Note to Potential Buyers

As noted earlier in this description, we purchased a number of these servo amplifier racks to use as replacement parts for our Quad pick-and-place machines. We have used a couple of them with excellent results and find we have some additional spares we no longer need and are therefore offering them for sale. If you want to use these for a similar use, then you will need to compare these to the ones you have and make any changes that may be necessary. You should also know how to change tuning parameters using the serial port. You should be familiar with servo amplifiers and you will need to know what you are doing. We cannot take responsibility for your use of these items for any particular application. Although we originally obtained these for Quad replacements (QSX, QSP, QSV, etc), they are general in nature and may be suitable for other equipment.

These amplifiers seem to be difficult to come by, can be expensive and can have a long lead time. The Quad cannot be operated without properly working servo amplifiers as these drive the X, Y, Z and T position of the pick-and-place heads. This is the reason we obtained these, and may be the reason you would want them also.

This is an opportunity to get some nice servo amplifiers at a good price - but you may need to perform some modifications to get these to work in your particular application (or have us do it for you). They are not simply plug-in-and-run, unless you happen to have the need for these exact configurations. We offer a non-DOA guarantee only and do not guarantee that these are suitable for any particular application or purpose.